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Survival kit in a steel water bottle

Survival kit in a steel water bottle

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Survival kit in a steel water bottle
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Do you need a survival kit, that can be kept in a backpack, always safely stored? The one that will be protected from water and any damages caused by dropping the pack on the ground? That will help you to gather water and make it safe to drink, start a fire, prepare a meal, build a shelter and light up the darkness?

The most important part of this survival kit is a Klean Kanteen water bottle made of stainless steel (1,182 l/40 fl. oz.). It's used to safely store all the kit contents, and protect it from water and damages. In an emergency it can be used simply to store water, or even to safely boil it on a fire. The bottle has wide mouth that allows a water filter (such as, for example, Lifestraw) to be put inside.

The kit contains a package of Javel Aqua water disinfection tablets -- 60 pieces, enough for 60 liters of water.

The kit also contains 2 100 ml/3.4 fl. oz.) water packets each. They contain ready to use drinking water, and are frost-proof and very tough (tear resistant).

Coghlans dynamo flashlight is put there as a light source that doesn't need batteries.

A signal mirror and an emergency whistle will allow you to send signals for help.

SOWOT hand cream (30 ml/1 fl. oz.) is used to clean your skin, but is also very flammable and makes starting fire easier.

As we're talking about starting a fire, the kit contains also firesteel and a package of stormproof matches, to start a fire in any conditions.

To help you in tough weather conditions and allow you to build a shelter, we also added an emergency thermal blanket.

The last part of the survival kit is a set of two can openers. In case you find any canned food in the emergency. ;)

The bottle has some free space left inside, to put something extra, like a pocket knife or ziploc bags to store extra water.

(Please note, that all the parts of the kits are sent in separate packages and you need to unpack them and put inside of the bottle in a way to fit your needs).

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