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Emergency blanket

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Emergency blanket
Emergency blanket
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Apart from the pocket knife,  the emergency blanket is the most versatile and important piece of equipment you can have in your list of "must have`s".

The NORDCAPP emergency blanket has a silver and a gold side which each protects you against hypothermia or overheating.

The generous dimensions, 160cm X 200cm, allows for full body cover in both cases!
But the emergency blanket can do more for you!

With it you can:

- MELT SNOW for drinking water, by reflecting sun rays on a slab of snow/ice which you place on the   blanket

- building a SOLAR OVEN by, for instance, simply glueing it in one piece over the inside of an umbrella

-INSULATE your apartment or hide-out in extreme cold

-TAILOR yourself a poncho, by simply folding the blanket in half and cut a hole to fit your head.

-SIGNALLING for help if all means of communication fail

- speeding up the process of SODIS (solar disinfection of water) by concentrating UV light onto your bottled water.

The NORDCAPP emergency blanket is MADE IN POLAND, which means you support a local business by buying this product....... instead buying a product from a far-east company which don't give a damn about safe working environment.
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Add your own opinion
4.25 / 5 (4 votes)
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