Coghlans Bug Jacket (Size M - up to 91 Kg)

Every year I get eaten alive by mosquitos..but not this year! Now I have the ultimate protection against mosquitoes and other flying insects! Features are a fine "No-See-Um" Mesh made from 100% Polyester.

Flame retardant, lightweight and keeps you cool. Elasticized drawstring waist and cuffs. Zippered at the neck for easy access to the face. Jacket is unisex and sizes are measured by weight.

I admit: They look a bit unsusul in a crowd But when it's just you and the skeeters, in the early morning fishing, or out in the garden, or out birdwatching, who cares about fashion? The goal is not to get bit!

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Coghlans Bug Pants M
Coghlans Bug Pants - Rozmiar M do 91 kg

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