Coghlans watertight purseCoghlans watertight purse
Coghlans watertight purse
Coghlans watertight purse

Will money still be worth something after an cataclysmic event?

Well, sooner or later people will find out that turnips are a bit unhandy to pay with and some bright genious will probably find out that creating a currency works wonders in terms of stabilizing a  local society.

No matter what: It would suck big time to lose your Zloty, Dollar, Euro ..... or some paper with the face of the local post-apocalyptic warlord printed on it, just because they got wet from rain or sweat.

Or your fishingpas  for thatt matter (doesnt always have to be THAT catastrophic...)
Better put them in this watertight little wonder from Coghlans.

It has two seperate departments which can be sealed 100% watertight and is made out of UV-resistant PVC.

Dimensions: 17 x 0,5 x 12 cm

Weight: 40 g

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