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In the initial phase of  an emergeny gathering information has the highest priority.
You can and must expect that all means of digital communication will cease to work. This will be the reneaissance of information by ether.
A radio should therefore be one of the most important items in your emergency-kit.
Make this radio independent of batteries and you are showing extraordinary foresight.
Add a good flashlight to it and the ability to charge smaller devices...and you are miles ahed of anybody running around in darkness with no clue what is going on. 
The FREEPLAY COMPANION is small, rugged and can all of the above:
-It has a great FM/AM radio
-A bright 3-LED flashlight
-you can charge a smaller device with it 
One minute of using the crank and you have 20 minutes of radio, 30 minutes of light or 2-3 minutes talk-time on your mobilephone.
You can also charge the COMPANION via the solarpanel (X) or via the mini-usb charger.
All in all an extremly reliable product, it will probably be with you and you family for many, many years...
Dimensions: 12,5 x 4,2 x 6 cm, 200 g
(X) charging smaller devices with the COMPANION only works via the crank and NOT via the solar-panel.

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