MASKPOL Riot Baton

"Tread Softly and Carry a Big Stick"

Theodore Roosevelt said that, and who are we to argue with Teddy?
We can already hear the collective screams of "selfdefense specialists" (well....actually only those who only write and talk about martial art will scream. I think we can get a lot of affirming nods from the real practicers) when we say that:
THIS is probably the most ideal selfdefense products you can buy:
-it is light enough to carry over a long distance
-it is light enough that a child or a handicapped person could use it.....and dealing some damage doing so
-an untrained person can use it without getting hurt
-it is long enough (740 mm) to keep an opponent at distance
-you can use it in any weather
-you can use it indoors
-its cheap
Also remember: 
In an emegency situation you will experience that the police will be at full alert; running around with "military style" butcher knifes or other deadly products will get you arrested pretty fast.
And by all means: I understand the police by doing so.
A NON-CONCEALED stick sends an entirely different message.