"Better safe than sorry".

An old sentence, nevertheless a very true one.

Nothing is as relaxing as the thought of being prepared for an extreme situation while others aren`t......

On an everyday basis we see how other parts of the world are being hit by natural desasters, nationwide strikes and diseases.
As we see this unfolding in the media, more and more of us start to think:

Can I provide food for my family when all supply ends appruptly?

Can I provide clean water for my family?

The truth is:

Most can`t.
We are living in a highly specialized world with a very complex infrastructure: Food is never farther away than going to the shop around the corner and drinking water (of historically high quality) comes out of the fawcet on our demand.

This is the beneficial endproduct of a highly complex system which relies on people to service it.
What if those people or the infrastructure they are serving  not longer exists?

Just by removing a little part of it you can shut down a whole system, and when it happens.....what do you do then?

Go to the shop around the corner to by food while other 3000 persons in your neigbourhood just had the same brilliant idea?

Generally shops work like this: They calculate that never more than 30% of any given population will buy food or gasoline THE SAME DAY.

Civil Defense Agencies around the globe actually suggest to their citizens to have food, medicine and batteries for AT LEAST 14 DAYS in their house hold.

What does that tell us?

That the government KNOWS that their ressources will be stretched so thin in a large-scale emergency, that it can take up to 14 days for them to help YOU!

So the least thing you can do as a responsible citizen is to have food and water ready for 14 days.

Unfortunatly this is not always very practical: Most of us live in more or less smaller appartments, not giving much space for that bulk of supplies. 

And of course: Rising food prices makes a stockpile of food "just in case" to a very costly affair.
Some, or all, of our products CAN be the solution for you:

They are all small of size so that a 14 days supply can fit into a larger sportsbag under your bed.

You will only have to buy our product once in your life: They are all virtually indestructable.
An investment you never regret.


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