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Kelly Kettle "Trekker" 0,6 l (Steel)

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(Irlandzki czajnik Kelly Kettle "Trekker" (Stal))
Kelly Kettle
Kelly Kettle
Kelly Kettle
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The famous and original Kelly Kettle from Ireland, used originally by shepherds to boil water fast and effective.

The concept is so effective that it has been unchanged for centuries, made by skilled craftsmen with the finest materials (stainless steel) :

The Kelly Kettle will always be with you when you need it.

Fuel it with a handfull of paper, twigs, moss or any other dry or semi-dry substance (do NOT burn PLASTICS) and you will be able to have 0,57 liter of water boiling in less then 3 minutes.

Perfect for troubled times to:

-prepare baby-formular

-cook simple mealsor 

-heating water for baby bath`s 

-destilling dirty- or sea water into drinking water

And you do not have to bother storing dangerous and expensive gas bottles!

The Kelly Kettle consumes oxygene and developes smoke therefore NEVER USE IT INDOORS!

The rapid cooking time however means that you dont have to leave your shelter for more then 3-4 minutes and be safe home with hot water for your family.

How it works:

The Kelly Kettle is no Kettle in a traditional sense but is a conic shaped vessel with hollow walls wherein the water will be.

Since much more surface is exposed to the heat than in traditional Kettles the water will boil much faster and with much less energy needed.


Dimensions: 27 cm x 14 cm

Capacity: 0,57

Weight: 0,74 kg

Price:239.00 PLN
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Kelly Kettle
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