In their original form these busicuits are known as "panzerplatten" in the german military.
I met them when being at a danish/german exchangeprogramme during my navy time:
They are best described at rather hard cookies used as bread substitute.
(Or: As somebody showed me under a "green" maneouvre, they make excellent firestarters when soaked in military grade bootpolish)
Apart from all that: They are tasting ok, have a long shelflife  and are actually pretty healthy due to excellent ingredients.
We like to have a 100-150 at home at all times for "just in case", and since they are made in a way to minimize crumbling they are ideal as "shut up cookies" for babies. (Every parent knows that nothing can quiet a cranky child more than a cookie, a GOOD thing in a critical situation)
Vacuum packed in thick foil against water  and honeycombed paper to protect them against pressure or impact these cookies will be cookies when you open them and not a sad drizzle of crumbs.
Nutritional value for 100 g of this product:
Energy: 440 kcal
Proteine: 7,8 g
Fat: 11,8 g
Carbonhydrate: 76,7 g
Best before: 07.2016

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