Coghlans Tube TentCoghlans Tube TentCoghlans Tube Tent
Coghlans Tube Tent
Coghlans Tube Tent
Coghlans Tube Tent

I fell in love with the Coglans Emergency tent when I was young:

A friend and I managed to scrape enough  money together for a ticket for Roskilde Festival but couldnt afford a proper tent.
Me still being 17 asked my parents if they could help me..
"Sure I can1" my father said with a demonic smile and drove us to the nearest camping outlet.
There, he led us past the fancy geodesic tents, past the awesome little tubetents and ditto past the crappy, cheap tents in the farthest corner of the outlet.
There were some hooks on the wall with packages hanging on them.
"Pick one!" My father said.
I took one of those packages and looked at the picture: It looked like a garbagebag with strings attached........
But since this was the best offer my dad would/could  us we took it.
We ended up being extremly happy having it!
Already when we hitchhiked the +600 Km to Roskilde we appreciated the extreme light weight.
At the festival itself it turned out the tent had an extra bonus:
We could basicly sleep WHERE we wanted and WHEN we wanted and carry our shelter around with us making us hyper-mobile and able to attain the best camp-parties.
AND it preventes us from getting our tent looted by some drunk swedish guys.....
I dont have THAT tent anymore, but the light weight and low cost made the Coghlans Emergency tent an fixed inventory in my equipment.
I think that its light weight, signal-red colour and fireretardent material make it perfect for bug out bags to protect you from wind, sun and rain when you need protection the most.

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