Coghlans Back Pack Shovel
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" How could I forget to add a shovel to my equipment?" 

You think while the torrental rain is about to flush your little biwak away.

"How could I forget the first rule when making a biwak?"

Oh, you do not know this rule?

Let me enlighten you: To dig a little trench around your tent so the rainwater is guided AWAY from you.

Basic stuff.

Basic like this shovel from Coghlans.

No matter if you dig for Topinambur, build a sandcastle, burry your feces or dig a trench around your tent: It will do its job for many years.

Its made out of light and strong plastic. It will NOT break even if you HACK into frozen, stony ground repeadetly.
Dimensions: 28 x 7 x 2 cm
Weight: 55 g

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