Coghlans 550 Paracord (olive)

After I read "Tom Sawyer" as child I always carried some cord with me,,,just in case.

But with time the household twine from my mothers kitchen drawers just
wasnt enough anymore and I wanted a cord that was:

-thick AND thin

-had a rough surface and a smooth surface

-could take longterm saltwater and UV exposure.

Well: in the 80`ies-90`ies that meant you had to carry several different cords to match your purpose.

When I first time played with Paracord I fell in love, and immediatly presented my favourite book ("Ashleys Book of knots") to my favourite cord:

It consists of a tightwoven, strong tubing which protects 7 inner strands from UV and dirt, each of those 7 strands can be pulled easily (depends on the lenght) out of the tubing to serve as fishing line, as
improvised sutur thread or......(one of my favourite features) as dental floss. Only your knowledge in knots puts a limit to the Paracord

And now also from one of my favourite brands: Coghlans.

L= 15, 25 m

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