After I read "Tom Sawyer" as child I always carried some cord with me,,,just in case.
But with time the household twine from my mothers kitchen drawers jus wasnt enough anymore and I wanted a cord that was:

-thick AND thin
-had a rough surface and a smooth surface
-could take longterm saltwater and UV exposure

Well: in the 80`ies-90`ies that meant you had to carry several different cords to match your purpose.
When I first time played with Paracord I fell in love, and immediatly presented my favourite book ("Ashleys Book of knots") to my favourite cord.

It consists of a tightwoven, strong tubing which protects 7 inner strands from UV and dirt, each of those 7 strands can be pulled easily (depends on the lenght) out of the tubing to serve as:
fishing line, as improvised sutur thread or......(one of my favourite features) as dental floss. Only your knowledge in knots puts a limit to the Paracord

And now also from one of my favourite brands: Coghlans

L= 15, 7 m

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