If you have nothing else...THIS you should have!

The Coghlans survival tin is opened like an ordinary can of fish:

After storing the content into to watertight zip-bag , you can
use the can as improvised cooking gear to make yourself a nice cup of
soup or tea.

It is intended for this use, so its not coated/painted in any toxic material!

It contains:

- Compass

- wire

-fire starter



- 4 water resistant matches

- fishing line

- instant soup

- tea

- sugar

- 2 antiseptic cloths



-signal mirror


-water tight zip-bag

-2 nails

- 2 pins

- 2 fishing hooks

- signal whistle

- chewinggum


-energy sugar



and last but not least: A pretty neat survival guide.


Waga: 90 g


Dimensions: 11 x 7,8 x 2,3 cm

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